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About Us

I’m a storyteller.

My very first story was about a detective trying to solve the murder of his best friend. It was also my high school girlfriend’s homework assignment. She got an “A” and then dumped me. I knew even then writers get no respect, but I didn’t care. I fell in love with writing.

I've been creating content for over twenty years, handling all phases of production and including promotion and marketing. I've made web series, short films, feature films, commercials and industrials.


I've written two books, so far, which chronicle the mis-adventures of amateur sleuth Adam Parker, a former kid detective who's all grown up and has no idea how to be an adult.


And now, I get to talk movies as part of the dynamic duo that is Forgotten Cinema.

Michael Field


Michael Butler

Michael Jason Butler.jpg

I'm Mike Butler and I do things.

I've acted in movies. webseries, and plays in and around NYC. I write things. And now, I make podcasts as well. Hey. In this business you need to diversify.

Acting will always be my greatest love. From pretending to be my favorite heroes in my backyard growing up, to finding new ways to explore classic Shakespearean characters when I got older, and finally, discovering and finding the truths that make wholly new characters come to life. Acting is the best way to get to know oneself and also connect to and better understand those around us. The only way to truly inhabit someone else's body and mind...for now.

So sit back, relax and enjoy Forgotten Cinema. Then check out my other podcasts. Please?

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