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Join the Forgotten Cinema Community

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While the main podcast show doesn't premiere until May 1, 2024, that's not the first piece of content we'll be putting out. One factor to our return is the inclusion of our patreon. For those who are not familiar with patreon — it's a subscription service that provides you with varying levels of access to bonus content, more access to me and Butler, control over our shows and content, discounted merchandise and freebies!

We thought this would be the best way to build and grow the Forgotten Cinema community. Mike and I have always liked interacting with our listeners and other moviegoers and if we could create a place where that can happen, plus help the show along the way, why not go with patreon?

neon microphone

To give you an idea of what this looks like. We'll be doing a show about the upcoming Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire release, both on YouTube and the podcast. We'll be live-streaming this episode and if you're a patron, you would be able to watch us live and ask us questions (or heckle us) as we go.

Also, if you're a patron, we're covering all the Ghostbusters movies leading up to the release of Frozen Empire. Each of those episodes will be available for patrons only.

join our patreon

But hey, it's cool, if you'd rather stick to the main show coming May 1st. We still love you and appreciate your support. Even if you're unsure about becoming patron, save the link and when you're ready, we'll still be there.


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