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First Four: Season 17

Mash Up for four posters - Real Steel, Flirting with Disaster, The Abyss and The Ides of March

Season 17 is up and running! In case you missed it, check out the first four films we covered upon our triumphant return.

We explored the world of robot boxing with the action drama, Real Steel, then searched for our biological parents in the 90s comedy, Flirting with Disaster, only to discover NTIs while deep-sea drilling in the special edition, sci-fi epic drama, The Abyss, and finally tossed our hats in the political ring with the political drama, The Ides of March.

The main show, Forgotten Cinema, has a new episode every Wednesday and we've got other shows, short films and more over on our YouTube channel, just make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out.

If you're more of a podcast listener, check out these portals where you can find our show and make sure to follow.

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