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Forgotten Horror V

That's right! We're back for a 5 episode special. It's Forgotten Horror V!

When we closed down the main run of the podcast, it was for many reasons. Most of which we lay out in our Farewell Episode. Feel free to check it on Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts. Just because we closed out the show doesn't mean we don't miss it. (I'm aware of the double negative)

Deep down, we always knew we'd return in some form and Forgotten Horror is that perfect time of the year to come back. This time around, we're doing something different. Not only are we recording five new episodes for the podcast — see the schedule below — but we'll also be on YouTube in the flesh. All five episodes will be available on our YouTube channel and you can see our faces and expressions as we yell at each other.

So make sure to subscribe, follow and like because so you don't miss our first episode on Wednesday, October 4th!


October 11th: eXistenZ

October 18th: Sleepy Hollow

October 25th: Disturbing Behavior

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