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We're back!

Did you hear the news? We're coming back. Starting May 1, 2024, Forgotten Cinema will return to its regularly schedule programming. Apparently, Field needed a year off while Butler hid in the weeds, playing the long game, waiting patiently for his chance to bring back the brand bigger and better than ever.

And that's exactly what's going to happen. Be on the lookout for what we've got planned. Forgotten Cinema's brand is growing.

Catch up on older episodes from the podcasts.

Check out our various video series!

More than a podcast

That's right. Forgotten Cinema is growing, flourishing brand that has fun watching and discussing films and we're a safe haven for film buffs of all ages!

We're looking to grow our community through patreon and bring even more access to the Mikes process and work into making Forgotten Cinema.

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