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Forgotten Cinema - Clue

The Mikes bust out the checklists, dice, and pewter weapons as Forgotten Cinema explores the 1985 whodunit comedy, Clue, in episode 3 of Season 5: Audience Choice!

This episode was chosen from recommendations from two of our viewers; Biggs from the Box Office Battle Podcast and Field's dear ol' mum herself.

See what Mike Field and Mike Butler think of this film.

SPOILER ALERT: They love it. Also, do you like episodes where they just say a bunch of quotes to each other? Because this is going be one of those!!! Sigh...

Also, learn some fun facts about the production of this film as well as the Mikes explain why this (now) cult classic starring Tim Curry, Michael McKean, and Christopher Lloyd was forgotten.

Thanks again to Anne Marie Field and Biggs from the Box Office Battle podcast. Check it out wherever you listen to your podcasts!

So grab your popcorn and soda, please notice the exits at the front and rear of the auditorium, and settle down for Forgotten Cinema

Listen below. You can also find Forgotten Cinema here:

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